May 19, 2024

Igwe Victor Nnaemeka (born August 8, 2002) is a young talented Nigerian singer-songwriter known professionally as Vusic. He has recently achieved stardom in the music industry after he was announced to be joining the Marlian’s Record label on June 2023.

Early Life

Vusic was born and raised in Nigeria, hailing specifically from the Eastern part of the country. Growing up under the care of his parents, he had a happy childhood alongside his siblings in Lagos state.

During his early years in Lagos, Vusic completed his primary education, which laid the foundation for his future endeavors. After finishing high school, he was admitted to the prestigious University of Nigeria Nsukka, where he continued nurturing his passion for music.

While in high school, Vusic discovered his deep love for music and began honing his skills by covering several famous artists’ songs, including tracks from Justin Bieber. His talent quickly garnered attention and became popular among friends and the school community.

As time went on, Vusic’s passion for music only grew stronger, and he ventured into writing his own original songs. He also started creating covers for some of the most popular and trending songs of the time, showcasing his versatility and creativity. To share his musical journey with the world, he began uploading these original compositions and covers on his social media handles.


During his time at University, Vusic’s passion for music grew, and he dedicated himself to creating and sharing his songs on various music platforms. His talent and hard work garnered a substantial following on social media and within his school community.

In 2022, Vusic’s musical career started gaining momentum as his unique and melodic tunes caught the attention of the music industry. He released several songs that resonated with listeners, propelling him into the spotlight and establishing him as a rising star.

In June 2023, Vusic reached a significant milestone in his career by signing a record deal with Marlian Record, a prominent label owned by the renowned artist Naira Marley. This was a significant achievement for Vusic, as it allowed him to join the ranks of other talented artists like Zinoleesky, who were also part of the Marlian Family.

Vusic was introduced to the world to celebrate this exciting new chapter alongside his latest release, “History.” This track served as a warm welcome into the Marlian Family and a testament to his artistic growth and potential.


  • History 
  • Honey

Personal Life

Vusic is an exceptionally talented young artist, currently 21 years of age. His dedication to his fast-rising career and his commitment to education are commendable traits that set him apart. Despite his charm and charisma, Vusic remains single, preferring to concentrate on his musical journey and personal growth rather than getting involved in any romantic relationships at this time.

Social Media

Net Worth

Vusic, a promising upcoming artist, is currently in the process of evaluating his net worth. As his career progresses, he keeps a close eye on his financial standing to ensure he can make the most of his opportunities and succeed in the music industry.

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