May 19, 2024

Malik Venner (Born 2000), a gifted British musician from the streets of South London, possesses remarkable skills in both saxophone and piano, best recognized professionally as Venna. His journey into the world of music was ignited by the saxophone, a deep-seated passion that would ultimately define his distinctive musical identity. 

On September 3, 2021, he unveiled his inaugural project, “Venology,” which featured dynamic collaborations with artists such as Knucks, Jvck James, Emil, and Jada. Rooted in the rhythmic heartbeat of the city, Venne’s harmonious melodies continue to enrapture listeners, skillfully bridging the divide between the timeless allure of jazz and the contemporary sounds of today.

Early Life & Education

Venna, currently 24 years of age, was born and raised in south London, where he grew up under the care of his parent, Mr & Mrs Malik. He has a musical journey that traces back to his early years. He embarked on his musical path at the age of six when he began taking piano lessons, where he participated every Saturday, fostering a deep connection to music from an early age. Despite his initial inclination towards playing football, his mother’s unwavering dedication to music shaped his childhood.

During this period, his piano lessons leaned towards the classical genre, although his enthusiasm for it was somewhat limited. He continued with classical piano until the age of twelve. During his piano endeavors, he dabbled in guitar playing, although he found the sensitivity of his fingers not entirely compatible with guitar strings.

At the age of twelve, Venna’s musical journey took a pivotal turn. He discovered the saxophone, igniting a newfound passion for music. With the saxophone in hand, he delved into jazz, which resonated deeply with him. During this phase, his affinity for music blossomed, setting the stage for his future endeavors.

Venna’s interest in music was supported by his mother, who sought to provide him with a well-rounded education. While she might not have foreseen his eventual career in music, she recognized the value of extracurricular activities such as music and drama in enhancing his overall development. His passion for music steadily grew as Venna explored different creative outlets, leading him on a journey that would eventually solidify his identity as a talented jazz saxophonist.


Venna is a multifaceted British artist whose journey through music has been marked by collaboration, recognition, and personal growth. Having weaved his saxophone melodies behind the scenes with luminaries like WIZKID, J HUS, and AJ TRACEY, he ascended to a Grammy Award for his contributions to Burna Boy’s “African Giant” album amid this remarkable success.

The accolade of a Grammy Award solidified Venna’s position among the musical elite. His perspective on this achievement, however, is marked by humility. He admits the realization has yet to fully sink in, preferring to approach it as another stepping stone in his creative journey. While his involvement in award-winning projects is noteworthy, the prospect of winning a Grammy for his endeavor holds a special allure.

venna’s career began behind the scenes as a silent maestro working alongside renowned names. This unique vantage point shaped his evolution into a solo artist. Immersed in the inner workings of the music industry, he absorbed invaluable insights from top producers and musicians, enriching his own musical identity. 

The behind-the-scenes tenure nurtured Venna’s skills both as a saxophonist and producer. While his saxophone prowess has the capacity to span genres, his production skills are more distinctive. This period of growth provided him the opportunity to fine-tune his production techniques, find his niche, and solidify his identity as an artist. The journey allowed him to internalize his creative vision, aligning his aspirations with his output.


  • Venology EP

Awards & Nomination


Personal Life

While Venna’s professional life shines brightly, his personal world adds depth to the artist. Rooted in the vibrant pulse of South London, he reflects the rich tapestry of his upbringing in his music. A testament to his strong family bond, his mother’s relentless commitment to his musical education fostered his early connection to melodies.

Amid the whirlwind of Grammy recognition and collaborations with luminaries, Venna maintains equilibrium between his personal and professional spheres. While his music takes center stage, he draws strength from his South London roots and close relationships. His mother’s influence remains an ever-present force, grounding him as he navigates the dynamic landscape of fame.

There is currently no news of his dating history or if he is currently in any romantic relationship.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @iam.venna

Net Worth

Venna is an incredibly skilled music orchestrator whose estimated net worth stands at US$1 million.

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