May 27, 2024

Daniela Daniel (born March 2004; Age: 20 years) is a gifted and stunning young musical artist recognized by her stage name, Morravey. Renowned as a skilled singer, songwriter, and model, she has made significant strides in the entertainment industry.

Her breakthrough came when she became an official member of the DMW family, a prestigious record label owned by Davido. Morravey’s talent shone brightly when she was featured in Davido’s track “In The Garden,” which was part of his Timeless album. This collaboration further elevated her fame and solidified her position as a rising star in the music world.

Early Life 

Morravey was born in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, where she grew up surrounded by the love and support of her parents, Mr and Mrs Daniel. Despite her growing popularity, Morravey keeps her family details private, embracing the mystery that adds intrigue to her story.

Discovering her love for music at an incredibly young age, Morravey found solace in the enchanting world of melodies and lyrics. Her talent for singing emerged naturally, becoming a beacon that guided her toward a future in the music industry. Crafting poetic rhymes and harmonious melodies became her passion, allowing her creativity to flow freely.

Throughout her school years, Morravey didn’t shy away from showcasing her exceptional talent. She fearlessly took the stage, participating in school singing competitions and talent shows. Her powerful voice and knack for composing soul-stirring songs captured the hearts of those who heard her, propelling her into the spotlight.

Despite her burgeoning music career, Morravey remains grounded in her education. She is currently enrolled at River State University, pursuing her dreams of becoming a medical professional. Juggling her academic pursuits with her musical ambitions, she exemplifies dedication and determination, proving that one can excel in both one’s studies and passion.


Morravey’s journey into the music industry is a testament to her talent and determination. She kick-started her career during her high school days, where she began sharing short clips of her performances on social media platforms. Her captivating voice and undeniable talent quickly gained attention not only among her peers but also within the larger online community.

Even in her school, Morravey was renowned for her exceptional singing abilities, marking her as a standout talent even in higher education. Her unwavering commitment to her craft and tireless dedication eventually paid off when she caught the eye of none other than music icon Davido.

Davido, the visionary behind Davido’s Music Worldwide (DMW), recognized Morravey’s potential and promised to elevate her status in the music industry. With his support, she was officially welcomed into his prestigious record label, DMW, where her talent found a home alongside another gifted artist, Logos Olori.

Morravey’s rise to prominence reached new heights when she was featured on Davido’s highly anticipated album, Timeless. The track “In the Garden” became a platform for her to showcase her musical prowess, leaving listeners in awe of her vocal abilities and artistic finesse.

Beyond her musical endeavors, Morravey has ventured into the world of fashion, gracing numerous runways as a model. Her unique sense of style has not only turned heads but also served as an inspiration for young fashion enthusiasts, further solidifying her presence in the entertainment and fashion spheres.

Excitement continues to build around Morravey as she prepares to launch her debut EP, RAVI, a collection featuring five captivating songs. The EP, set to be released on November 2, 2023, includes the track “Magician,” a collaboration with her mentor and label boss, Davido. Anticipation is running high among her dedicated fanbase and the wider 30BG community, all eagerly awaiting the unveiling of this highly anticipated musical masterpiece.

Beyond her musical endeavors, Morravey has made a significant impact on the fashion industry. Her presence has lit up numerous fashion runways as a model, where her effortless elegance and distinctive sense of style have left a lasting impression. Morravey’s fashion choices, characterized by a perfect blend of sophistication and creativity, have become a source of inspiration for countless young fashion enthusiasts. 


  • What is Love
  • High Again
  • Condo 
  • My Baby
  • Magician ft. Davido

Personal Life 

Morravey has maintained a low profile, keeping her personal life private and away from the public eye. While details about her personal life remain scarce, it is widely believed that she is currently single and not romantically involved. At this point in her life, Morravey seems dedicated to concentrating on her rapidly growing career and education, channeling her energy and passion into these pursuits.

Social Media

Net Worth

Morravey’s net worth is estimated at around US$5,000 -US$10,000.

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