July 12, 2024

The legendary D’Prince, known for his keen eye for talent and his role as the driving force behind Jonzing World Record, is at it again. Among much fanfare and anticipation, he introduced Bagetti, a captivating new female artist, on March 4, 2024, hot on the heels of signing the incredibly talented Glorious Boy just a month prior.

Bagetti’s arrival is nothing short of captivating. Even before stepping into the limelight, her aura commands attention. With an air of mystery akin to her label mate, Gdzilla, she adds to the intrigue by hiding her face behind a mask. It’s a move that only intensifies the excitement surrounding her imminent debut.

Behind the mask, speculation runs wild. Will Bagetti’s voice carry us away with ethereal melodies, or will she stun us with her lyrical prowess in rap? The mystery surrounding her only adds to the anticipation, promising a musical journey that will leave a lasting impression.

As fans eagerly await the grand unveiling of Bagetti’s talents, the Jonzing World Record stands tall as a beacon of creativity and innovation. Guided by D’Prince’s unwavering vision, the label continues to nurture exceptional talent, solidifying its reputation as a powerhouse in the industry. 

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