July 20, 2024

Oyewole Coker Oyewole (born December 25) is an exceptionally gifted Nigerian singer and songwriter widely recognized by his stage moniker, ManeFlo.

With unparalleled creativity, ManeFlo seamlessly blends African elements with mainstream influences, resulting in a distinct and introspective sound that resonates deeply with listeners. His music serves as a powerful medium to convey his thoughts, emotions, and experiences, touching the hearts of his growing fanbase.  


  • Full Name: Oyewole Coker Oyewole
  • Stage Name: ManeFlo 
  • Born: December 25
  • Place of Birth:  Ado Ekiti
  • Career: Singer • Songwriter

Early Life

Maneflo is an exceptionally talented artist hailing from Ekiti state, Nigeria. He was born and raised in Ado Ekiti in the loving family of Mr. and Mrs. Oyewole. He had the privilege of growing up alongside his siblings, Maxwell Oyewole and Mabel Oyewole.

Throughout his formative years in Ado Ekiti, Maneflo completed his basic and formal education, which laid the foundation for his intellectual growth. He graduated from Olusegun Agagu University, Ondo state, where he studied Tech Industrial Mathematics and obtained his degree.

Music has always held a special place in Maneflo’s heart, and he developed a profound interest in the art form as he matured. He immersed himself in the work of talented Nigerian artists, drawing inspiration from icons such as Davido, Kizz Daniel, and Vector, who became his role models.

Driven by his passion, Maneflo began writing songs, exploring his creativity, and honing his skills. He often showcased his talent to friends through freestyle performances, gradually gaining recognition for his unique style and abilities. Over time, he took the initiative to release several creative projects, displaying his growth as a singer and artist.


ManeFlo is a talented and fast-rising artist from Nigeria, known for his captivating music and growing discography. He began his musical journey at a young age, passionately writing and recording songs.

With several songs under his belt, ManeFlo has made his music accessible primarily on Audiomack. One of his notable releases is his debut track titled “Comeback,” featuring Tunevert. This song received positive feedback from critics, especially considering he was an upcoming artist. It gained significant traction on various social media platforms, particularly TikTok, where a trending line from the song “I Can’t Do It No More” emerged.

While awaiting his breakthrough in the music industry, ManeFlo has released a few Extended Plays (E.P.s), including “Change O’clock,” “Kuuul & Calm,” and “The Merge.” He consistently promotes his projects on his social media handles, engaging his followers with freestyles and cover songs, often incorporating popular and trending tracks on his media page.


  • Kuul & Kaalm (E.P.)
  • Change O’ Clock (E.P.)
  • Diva
  • Comeback
  • Wait a minute
  • Imaginary blueprint
  • God when?
  • Abukkayoyo

Personal Life 

ManeFlo is currently dedicated to his career and is believed to be single, prioritizing the advancement of his musical journey rather than pursuing a romantic relationship.

Social Media

Net Worth

ManeFlo‘s net worth has yet to be officially disclosed as an emerging talent in the industry. Being an upcoming celebrity, his financial status and net worth are still being established.

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