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El Sameer (born 13 January), also known professionally as El Corizo, is a popular Nigerian singer, rapper, and songwriter who is known for his unique style of indigenous pidgin rap and motivational songs. 

He gained widespread attention and recognition after releasing the hit song “Run Am For Us,” which quickly became a famous anthem among Nigerian youths.

Early life 

El Corizo is a Nigerian musician and songwriter born in the late 1990s in Benin City, a city in Edo state, Nigeria. He grew up in one of the popular neighborhoods in Benin City and was raised by Christian parents who supported his music career and encouraged him to focus on his studies. 

El Corizo has several siblings, all born and raised in Benin City.

As a young boy, he was drawn to music and began experimenting with different sounds and styles. He spent his formative years honing his talent and developing his unique sound. 

Despite his studies’ demands, El Corizo found time to pursue his passion for music. With hard work and dedication, he eventually became a superstar, gaining a large and loyal following. 


El Corizo had a strong foundation in education, starting with his elementary and secondary schooling in Benin City. He was fortunate to attend some of the most reputable and highly respected schools in the area, where he received a comprehensive and high-quality education. 

After completing his secondary studies, El Corizo decided to further his education by enrolling in a higher institution in South-South Nigeria. 


El Corizo is a talented musician with a long history in the industry. In high school, he first discovered his love for music, where he began composing his lyrics and visiting the studio to record his songs. One of his early tracks, “Run Am For Us,” featuring up-and-coming artist ‘Oh Bad,’ quickly gained popularity and became a hit in Southern Nigeria.

Following the success of this song, El Corizo released his debut album, “Chronicles Of Corizo,” which received critical acclaim and solidified his place in the industry. He became a sought-after performer, receiving invitations to perform at shows, concerts, and events across the country. 

In addition to his successful music career, El Corizo joined Golden Exchange LTD as their brand ambassador. This company is one of the leading cryptocurrency trading firms, and El Corizo‘s involvement with them further demonstrates his diverse talents and expertise.


  • Run Am For Us
  • Ready Or Not
  • Story Of Padi
  • Therapy
  • Inside Life
  • Petra
  • Oh Lord
  • Hate
  • Down
  • Chronicles Of Corizo
  • Call Me The Devil

Personal life

El Corizo is a devout Christian who attends a Bible-believing church in Lagos. He lives in a luxurious apartment in one of the affluent neighborhoods of Lagos City. He is rumored to be in a relationship with a beautiful young woman. However, he has not publicly shared any information about his relationship status on social media, and his partner’s identity remains a secret.

El Corizo has been predicted a few times to win home The Headies Next Rated Award.

Social Media 

Instagram @el_corizo

Net Worth

El Corizo is a successful musician who has built a strong following and achieved notable success in the industry. As a result, his net worth has grown significantly over the years. Current estimates show his net worth is between $20,000 and $100,000.

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