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Cat Burns (born June 6, 2000) is a famous female British singer and songwriter who gained popularity after her debut single, ‘Go,’ which paved its way through TikTok into the limelight. This song has equally earned her the second position on the UK singles chart marking her as a prominent UK singer.

Early Life

Cat Burns is a [calculate_years datestring=”06/06/2000″]-year-old London native who was raised in Streatham. Although there is limited information available about her family and educational background, it is known that her parents migrated from Liberia during the civil war and have been living in the UK ever since.

Burns discovered her passion for singing at a young age, cultivating a distinct sound that blends pop and gospel music elements.


Burns launched her career in the music industry with the release of her debut EP, Adolescent, which gained immediate recognition in the music scene. She was just 16 years old and studying at the BRITS ACADEMY when she released the EP.

After the release of Adolescent, Burns shared that she had met a friend who shared her passion for music. Together, they created the songs that would become the Adolescent EP, utilizing a mini studio built by her friend’s parents. The EP was released in October 2016.

In May 2019, Burns released her second EP, Naive,’ during the pandemic lockdown. One of the songs off the EP, “Go,” gained popularity on social media, particularly on TikTok, and served as a breakthrough for Burns.

As a result of the success of “Go,” Burns caught the attention of Since 93, a subsidiary of RCA Records, and eventually signed a record deal with them. Later in 2020, “Go” became a massive hit in the UK music scene, climbing up the charts to hold the number 2 spot in the UK Chart.

In 2022, Burns performed ‘Go’ and ‘People Pleaser’ on Jools Annual Hootenanny.

In 2023, she released a single titled ‘Home for My Heart,’ collaborating with a fellow UK rapper, ArrDee.


  • Go
  • Home for my heart
  • People Pleaser
  • Ghosting 
  • We’re not kids anymore 
  • Anxiety
  • Learn to love goodbyes
  • Into You 
  • I Don’t Blame You
  • Fool in Love
  • It’s Over

Personal Life 

Burns, an artist from Britain, was born and raised in the UK. Her parents migrated from Liberia during the civil war. 

Burns is known for her openness about her sexuality and identifies as queer.

During an Interview with Gay Time, she explained that she struggled to reconcile her sexuality with her ethnicity, stating, “If you’re a Black woman, I want you to feel heard and seen. We are vulnerable people who are capable of having lots of emotions. And being a Black Queer woman adds a layer to that.

During an interview, Burns revealed that she has ADHD and shared how it has helped her in her creative process. 

She mentioned that her mind works uniquely where both the chords and words of a song come to her simultaneously. However, what usually comes first is the overall concept of the song. 

Burns further explained that this system of creativity has always worked for her and has made the songwriting process quicker and smoother, which has been great for her ADHD brain. 

Her comment suggests that her condition has allowed her to tap into her creativity in a way that has been uniquely beneficial to her songwriting process.

Social Media

Net Worth 

Burns is a fast-growing artist in the UK music space with an estimated net worth of about $300,000 – $500,000

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