May 23, 2024

Ali Gatie (born May 13, 1997) is a renowned singer and songwriter from Iraq and Canada. Under the guidance of SAL&CO management, he has captured the attention of music enthusiasts worldwide. His journey to fame began with his captivating presence on various music platforms, notably YouTube and several streaming services.

Distinguished by his emotive and introspective musical approach, Ali Gatie seamlessly weaves together influences from R&B, pop, and acoustic genres, resulting in a unique and resonant sound. His ability to infuse heartfelt emotions into his music has solidified his reputation as an artist who touches the soul of his listeners.

Early Life

Ali Gatie, now 27 years old, was born and raised in Iraq to Iraqi parents. While specific details about his family remain limited, it is known that his family underwent a series of relocations during his upbringing. At a young age, they first moved to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, before eventually settling in Toronto, Canada.

Ali’s educational journey unfolded in the Canadian backdrop, where he developed a keen interest in music. A deep connection to various musical genres and artists marked his formative years. He drew inspiration from acclaimed figures such as Ed Sheeran, J Cole, and Frank Ocean. These influential artists played a pivotal role in shaping Ali’s musical inclinations and contributed to the foundation of his distinctive musical style.

As he immersed himself in the diverse sounds of his inspirations, Ali Gatie began to craft his musical path, merging elements from his favorite genres into a unique creative expression. This fusion of influences allowed him to create music that resonated deeply with listeners, showcasing his individuality and homage to the artists who had left an indelible mark on him.

His experiences growing up in different parts of the world and his exposure to various musical cultures enriched Ali’s perspective and informed the emotional depth evident in his songs. This interplay between his personal history and musical inspirations has contributed to his ability to connect profoundly with audiences.


Ali embarked on his musical journey during his teenage years, taking his first significant steps at 18. In 2016, he ventured into the recording studio, marking the inception of his budding career. This pivotal decision led him to forsake his pursuit of a business career at university, instead dedicating himself wholly to the pursuit of music.

One of the defining moments in Ali’s early trajectory occurred in 2017 when he emerged victorious in the prestigious online RhymeStars Competition, a platform hosted by Joe Budden. This accomplishment underscored his emerging talent and was a stepping stone toward broader recognition within the music industry.

2018 proved transformative for Ali Gatie as his singles drew considerable attention. These musical offerings captured the ears of industry insiders, resulting in a significant development: a signing with Warner Records. This meaningful partnership marked a pivotal turning point, propelling Ali further toward artistic recognition.

However, the release of his track “Moonlight” truly catapulted Ali Gatie into the realm of massive popularity. The song resonated deeply with audiences, propelling him to new heights and establishing his presence on the global music stage.

The year 2019 saw Ali’s journey continue to flourish. In June, he unveiled “It’s You,” a song that further solidified his reputation for crafting emotionally resonant music. Later in December, he showcased his artistic versatility by releasing his debut EP, “You.” This project was accompanied by a captivating 12-minute film, providing a visual and auditory experience that brought his music to life. 

The EP featured seven new tracks, each a testament to his evolving artistry and ability to connect with listeners profoundly.


  • Moonlight
  • It’s You
  • You

Personal Life

Ali has adeptly kept his personal life shielded from the intrusive gaze of the media. Whether he is currently engaged in a romantic relationship remains unverified and undisclosed. His privacy preference has allowed him to navigate his personal affairs with discretion, maintaining an air of mystery around his romantic involvements.

Social Media

  • Instagram @aligatie

Net Worth

It is estimated that Ali Gatie possesses a net worth of around US$1 million – US$3 million.

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