April 21, 2024

Joseph Bayley Temiloluwa Prince Joshua, affectionately known as JJ, was born in October 2015, marking the beginning of his journey into the limelight as the offspring of the renowned British boxer Anthony Joshua and his former partner, Osbourne Nicole.

Now, at the age of 8, JJ divides his time between his father and mother, despite their separation shortly after his birth in 2015. His parents’ breakup did not hinder his bond with either of them, as they remained actively involved in his upbringing.

JJ’s presence is frequently captured alongside his father, Anthony Joshua, who often shares glimpses of their moments together on his social media platforms. Among JJ’s interests, he particularly enjoys riding his motorbike, a passion that adds colour to his childhood adventures.

In interviews, Anthony Joshua has expressed his desire for JJ to explore avenues beyond boxing, preferring that his son finds joy and fulfilment in pursuits outside the ring. Concerned about JJ’s potential pressure and expectations as the son of a boxing icon, Anthony emphasizes the importance of allowing JJ to forge his own path, free from the weight of familial legacy.

While JJ’s future remains unwritten, his parents recognize the importance of letting him navigate his interests and passions. As he matures, JJ will have the autonomy to choose his path and profession, guided by his aspirations and talents.

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