June 20, 2024


Ethan Mbappe (born December 29, 2006) is a promising young talent in the world of football. Hailing from Paris, he is currently honing his skills as a member of the junior squad for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), one of the most successful clubs in French football. As a young player, he is already making a name for himself. Still, he also has the added advantage of being the younger brother of Kylian Mbappe, one of the most popular and accomplished footballers in the world today.

Early Life 

The 16-Years young Parisian was born into a profoundly sport-oriented family on December 29 in Montreuil, Seine-Saint-Denis. His father, Wilfried Mbappe, hailed from Cameroon and was a former football coach, while his mother, an Algerian, Fayza Lamari, was also a former Handball player.

Ethan grew up along with his elder brother, Kylian Mbappe, a famous football player currently playing in Paris Saint-Germain(PSG).

Their eldest brother, Jires Kembo Ekoko, who the Mbappe family adopted after he came to Europe for education, is also a former footballer.

Following the step of his brothers, Ethan has also invested his time into football, and he began playing football at a very young age.


Ethan is a highly talented and ambitious young professional footballer who is currently honing his skills as a member of the U-16 team at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)

He has already achieved significant success, having won the Ligue 1 Championship while playing for Monaco in 2015. Furthermore, he was also awarded the Golden Boy Honor, a recognition of his exceptional talent and potential. 

Despite his young age, Ethan is already well on his way to becoming one of the top players in his field. He has secured a contract with PSG that runs until 2024, which is a testament to the club’s faith in his abilities. 

Ethan is known for his technical proficiency as a player, particularly as a left-footed midfielder. Unlike his brother, who plays a forward position.

Personal Life

The young Mbappe is focused solely on his education and career, as he is still a young boy. He is not in a relationship and not looking for one at this time.

He is a brother to Kylian Mbappe, a famous PSG player.

Social Media

It is still being determined which social media account belongs to Ethan as he has yet to be verified on any of them, and there are multiple accounts under his name.

Net Worth

The veracity of Ethan‘s net worth is currently unconfirmed but will be updated upon verification.

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