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Cameron Jayden Okoye (born September 24, 2008) is the first son of a famous Nigerian Musician, Peter Okoye of P-Square, and Lola Omotayo Okoye.

Cameron is a young aspiring footballer currently playing for Barcelona Academy in Lagos.

Early Life

Cameron, who hailed from Anambra and was raised in Lagos, celebrates his birthday on December 24 every year.

He is the firstborn child of renowned musician Peter Okoye, better known as Mr. P, one-half of the famous duo P-Square. His mother, Lola Omotayo Okoye, is an accomplished entrepreneur. 

Cameron received his primary education on Victoria Island before attending the prestigious Barcelona Football Academy. Currently, he is a student at a well-regarded secondary school in Lagos. 

Growing up, Cameron was also close with his sister Aliona Okoye and cousin Andre Okoye, the son of his father’s twin brother, Paul Okoye, a musician known by his stage name, “Rude Boy.”

The Okoyes


Cameron Okoye has always been captivated by football from a young age. His parents saw his interest and provided him with opportunities to improve his skills, such as enrolling him in football camps and training programs.

As he grew older, Cameron‘s passion for the sport grew more substantial, and his abilities on the field flourished.

He was once a part of the Little Tigers Football Club, where he polished his skills and became well-known. In 2017, his team excelled in a tournament, and Cameron earned the title of Top Goal Scorer due to his outstanding performance. This accomplishment caught the eye of the youth team at the renowned Barcelona Football Academy in Lagos, who subsequently brought him on board.

Cameron‘s love for football has led to a variety of experiences, including meeting some of Africa’s most significant players like Samuel Etoo, Didier Drogba, and Victor Moses

Additionally, he has built a strong fanbase on social media, where he is known as one of the most popular Nigerian kids, particularly on Instagram. 

Recently, in 2020, he was chosen as a brand ambassador for his father’s fashion brand, Zip Republic, demonstrating how his interests in football and fashion have come together to shape his development.

Personal Life 

The 15-years old youngster currently resides with his parent in Victoria Island in Lagos, where he is undergoing his education and football coaching.

He joined Barcelona’s academy in 2017 and is currently receiving training from the Lagos center on Victoria Island.

Social Media

Net Worth

Cameron is identified as one of the famous and rich celebrities’ kids. He has an estimated net worth of US$50,000 – US$100,000.

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