May 24, 2024

Djengue Nkake Paola (born September 17, 2001) is a highly acclaimed French model, influential social media personality, and successful real estate agent known professionally as Ivannah Bay. With her undeniable charm and captivating presence, Ivannah Bay has amassed a massive following and established herself as a prominent figure in the fashion and entertainment industry.

Recently, Ivannah Bay has been making headlines worldwide for sharing sensational screenshots wherein she boldly claims to be carrying the child of Davido, a celebrated Nigerian musician. The news of their alleged connection has created a massive buzz, igniting conversations and debates across various platforms and leaving fans and media eagerly awaiting further updates. 

Ivannah Bay’s revelation has undoubtedly propelled her into the spotlight, solidifying her status as a captivating personality with a knack for capturing attention and making waves in the public eye.

Early Life

Ivannah Bay, a mesmerizing beauty, was born and raised in the enchanting city of Paris. Growing up, she was embraced by the love and guidance of her doting parents, who played a vital role in shaping her into the remarkable person she is today. Her upbringing in such a culturally rich environment undoubtedly contributed to her innate sense of style and sophistication.

Within the warmth of her close-knit family, Ivannah Bay found love and support and also completed her primary and secondary education. She had the privilege of receiving her education in her local community, where she gained knowledge and formed lasting friendships and unforgettable memories. This nurturing environment allowed her to develop a strong foundation and a deep appreciation for her roots.

Ivannah Bay’s family remained a constant source of strength and encouragement throughout her journey. Their unwavering support propelled her forward, instilling in her the confidence and determination to pursue her dreams. From the early stages of her life, it was evident that Ivannah Bay was destined for greatness, and her familial bonds played an integral role in shaping her into the extraordinary individual she had become.


Embarking on a new chapter of her life, Ivannah Bay ventured into the world of entrepreneurship, focusing her efforts on the realm of real estate. With her innate business acumen and unwavering determination, she swiftly rose to prominence in this competitive industry. One of her standout qualities is her remarkable ability to connect with her clients on a personal level, fostering trust and creating long-lasting professional relationships.

In addition to her success in the real estate business, Ivannah Bay has also harnessed the power of social media to cultivate a massive following. Leveraging her online platforms, she has established herself as a captivating social media personality, captivating audiences with her engaging content. Her innate charm, unique perspective, and flair have earned her a loyal fan base who eagerly anticipate her every post, video, and update.

 Ivannah Bay’s strategic utilization of social media has allowed her to expand her influence and opened doors to exciting opportunities. Her ability to connect with her audience and consistently deliver content that resonates with them has solidified her position as a prominent figure in the digital sphere, further enhancing her reputation as a multifaceted and accomplished individual.

Personal Life

Ivannah Bay is known for her preference to maintain privacy regarding her personal life, including details about her current relationship and family. However, she recently gained significant attention through her active presence on Instagram, where she shared multiple screenshots accusing Davido, a wealthy and prominent Nigerian music star, of impregnating her.

Taking to her social media platform, Ivannah Bay posted several screenshots accompanied by allegations that Davido is the father of her unborn child. According to her claims, they crossed paths in France, leading to the current situation. These revelations have ignited widespread discussions and debates among their respective fan bases, creating a sense of anticipation as people eagerly await further developments regarding this matter. These accusations from Ivannah Bay came to the limelight a few hours after Anita Brown had also brought the same accusation on Davido with her screenshots.

The controversy surrounding these accusations has captivated the attention of fans and followers alike as they closely follow the unfolding narrative. With the outcome of this issue yet to be determined, the public remains curious to learn more about the truth behind Ivannah Bay’s Anita Brown’s allegations and the potential implications for both parties involved.

Social Media 

Net Worth

Ivannah Bay is a beautiful social media personality and real estate agent currently with an estimated net worth of about US$100,000 – US$500,000.

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