May 18, 2024

Terseer Kiddwaya (born on March 5, 1993) is a prominent Nigerian TV star, entrepreneur, and social media personality, gaining notable recognition for his participation in the 5th edition of the BBNaija reality show. Beyond his achievements in the entertainment world, Kiddwaya hails from a distinguished background as the son of the renowned Nigerian billionaire Chief Terry Waya, who has made remarkable strides in the business sphere.

Early Life 

Kiddwaya was born and raised in Benue State into the illustrious family of Terry Waya, a prominent businessman known for his affinity for Versace. Kiddwaya is currently 31 years of age and his father is also rumored to be the founder of Banana Island, situated in Lagos state. Besides being a successful businessman, Terry is also an astute analyst, a seasoned politician, and a housing practitioner.

His mother, Susan Waya, is one of Terry’s wives and shares his philanthropic spirit and business acumen.  

Growing up, Kiddwaya shared his childhood with his brother, Tersoo Waya. He resided in London for six years until he found a way to manage frequent travel between London and Nigeria, balancing both aspects of his life.


Having pursued his higher education at Nottingham Trent University, Kiddwaya dedicated himself to completing his undergraduate studies, culminating in successfully acquiring his first degree.

Demonstrating his commitment to personal and professional growth, he embarked on a continued academic journey, setting his sights on further achievements. During this phase, he diligently pursued and ultimately earned a Master’s degree in Business Science.

solidified his understanding of business concepts and practices, equipping himself with valuable skills to navigate the complexities of the corporate world


Kiddwaya’s professional journey has been marked by impressive achievements and entrepreneurial endeavors. As the CEO of Valley Agriculture and Food Company, a prominent enterprise in Nigeria, he has proven his leadership skills and business acumen, contributing to the success and growth of the company.

In addition to his role at Valley Agriculture and Food Company, Kiddwaya has co-founded AK Exports, a thriving venture specializing in exportation. This entrepreneurial venture showcases his ambition and ability to identify profitable opportunities in the global market.

Beyond his accomplishments in the business world, Kiddwaya’s aspirations are driven by a deep desire to positively impact society, particularly in the lives of young individuals. He envisions creating an empowering organization dedicated to nurturing and uplifting the youth. Rooted in innovation, his vision aims to provide young people with the necessary support, mentorship, and resources to reach their full potential and achieve bright futures.

Kiddwaya’s life took an influential turn following his invitation to participate in the BBN House TV show. Through his appearance on the reality show, he gained widespread recognition and became a notable figure, capturing the attention and admiration of viewers.

His captivating personality and charm naturally drew people towards him, leading to engaging relationships with various individuals. Kiddwaya’s magnetic nature resonates with many, further bolstering his influence and appeal.

Personal Life

While in the BBN House, Kiddwaya formed a notable romantic relationship with Erica Nlewedim, another contestant on the reality show. The two were genuinely drawn to each other, and their affection blossomed into a captivating romance. 

As their connection deepened, they became the center of attention within the house, earning the title “house couple.” This status solidified their bond and garnered them a dedicated fan following, with viewers rooting for their relationship.

Their on-screen romance was a key highlight of the show, and many viewers were captivated by their chemistry and genuine affection for each other. However, like all relationships, theirs also faced challenges and ups and downs, further endeared them to the audience as they navigated their emotions in a public setting.

The love story between Kiddwaya and Erica became a significant aspect of their journey on the reality show, with their interactions and moments together being closely watched by fans and viewers.

Social media 

  • Instagram @kiddwaya 
  • Twitter @realkiddwaya 
  • Facebook @Kiddwaya

Net Worth 

In addition to his inheritance from his affluent father, Kiddwaya has established a stable source of income through his agricultural and exportation ventures. 

This diversified business portfolio contributes significantly to his financial well-being, resulting in an estimated net worth of US$ 5 million.

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