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Shane McCauley (born 1954) is a successful English-Australian writer and lecturer whose writing skills and literary prowess transcend mediocrity.

Early Life

Shane McCauley was born and raised in Surrey, England. However, at the tender age of five, life’s course shifted as he and his family moved to Western Australia. From the bustling streets of Surrey to the expansive landscapes of Australia, his childhood took on new colors and possibilities.

As a young mind blossomed in the rich Australian soil, Shane’s passion for words and storytelling took root.


His educational journey led him to the University of Western Australia, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in 1977. The pages of literature became his canvas, and he explored the intricate tapestries woven by words.

Further pursuit of his academic passions led Shane to the University of Sydney, where he attained an MA degree in 1983. These academic achievements served as the notes that composed the symphony of his understanding of language, literature, and the power of communication.


With the knowledge acquired from his academic pursuits, Shane embarked on a journey of sharing his insights with others. His role as a lecturer in English at Midland TAFE and Edith Cowan University became a conduit for nurturing young minds and fostering a love for language.

1978 marked a significant chapter in Shane’s artistic journey with the production of his play ‘The All-Nite Cafe’ in Perth. The theatrical stage became his canvas, and his words took life as characters, dialogues, and emotions. The applause and conversations that followed only fueled his dedication to storytelling.

In 1993, the Australia Council honored Shane with the Senior Writers’ Fellowship honor. This recognition was a testament to his contributions to the literary world, affirming his presence among Australia’s esteemed wordsmiths.

Beyond traditional literature, Shane McCauley played a pivotal role in forming Poetry in Motion, a performance group that merged the literary with the theatrical. The fusion of poetry and motion encapsulated his belief in the power of words to transcend boundaries and connect souls. 


  • Among many, Here is a short list of his most referenced books:
  • The Butterfly Man Shane McCauley, South Fremantle: Fremantle Press, 1991 selected work poetry
  • Deep-Sea Diver: Poems Shane McCauley, Fremantle: Fremantle Press, 1987 selected work poetry
  • Glassmaker Shane McCauley, Cottesloe: Sunline Press, 2005 selected work poetry
  • The Drunken Elk Shane McCauley, Cottesloe: Sunline Press, 2010 selected work poetry
  • The Chinese Feast: Poems Shane McCauley, Fremantle: Fremantle Press, 1984 selected work poetry

Awards & Honors

  • 2020 commended Scribes Writers — Scribes Writers ‘Poetic Licence Poetry Competition — Free Verse for ‘Glass Bridge, China.’
  • 2016 highly commended Ethel Webb Bundell Literary Award — Poetry Awards for Three Nude Sketches
  • 2015 commended Tom Collins Poetry Prize

Personal Life

Shane’s journey, a tapestry woven with passion for words and storytelling, continues to evolve. As his life chapters unfold, he embraces the role of a guiding hand, sharing knowledge and experiences with new generations of wordsmiths and performers.

Shane McCauley’s legacy takes shape with each word written, lecture delivered, and stage illuminated. His impact as an educator, playwright, and performer resonates through the lives he has touched and the stories he has shared. As his narrative persists, so does his belief in the eternal magic of language and the stories it weaves.

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