April 20, 2024

Mjay Anidugbe, known popularly as Mrs. Anidugbe, has gained considerable attention and acclaim due to her prominent relationship with the renowned Nigerian A-List artist, Kizz Daniel. As the legally wedded wife of the music sensation, she has been affectionately recognized as Mrs Anidugbe in public circles.

Beyond her marital status, Mjay Anidugbe is celebrated as the loving mother of twins Jelani and Jelil, who are the offspring of her union with Kizz Daniel. Despite the spotlight on her family life, she opts for a low-key presence on social media platforms, preferring to lead a private and discreet lifestyle away from the constant pressures and criticisms often associated with public figures. This choice reflects her desire to prioritize personal privacy and family values over the demands of public scrutiny.

Early Life

Kizz Daniel, the acclaimed music sensation, recently shared intriguing details about his wife’s background in a tweet. According to him, his wife hails from a diverse cultural background, with her mother tracing her roots to the Igbo ethnic group, while her father is of Warri descent.

Raised in Lagos State, she spent her formative years in the bustling metropolis, where she completed her education. However, specifics regarding her alma mater remain undisclosed at this time. Similarly, information regarding her siblings is yet to be revealed, leaving an air of mystery surrounding her family life.


Mrs Anidugbe maintains a reserved demeanour, preferring not to extensively share details about her career or personal life on social media platforms. However, shortly after the music star decided to introduce his wife to the public after years of marriage, she swiftly secured an endorsement deal with Mikano Motors on March 10, 2024.

In a heartwarming gesture of support, her husband took to his own social media channels to celebrate her achievement, posting: “Congrats Wifey @mrsanidugbe 🍾 on bagging your first endorsement deal @mikanomotors, 7 days on scene 🎬 🙄😁 proud of you.” This public display of affection and encouragement from her husband undoubtedly added to the joy of her accomplishment.

Personal Life

In an intimate ceremony, MJay and Kizz Daniel exchanged vows in 2020, deliberately kept away from the public eye and internet scrutiny. Their union has been blessed with a delightful pair of twins named Jelani and Jelil, both boys, born in 2021.

Maintaining a strict privacy policy, the couple refrained from sharing any images of themselves on social media, opting to shield their family from the relentless gaze of the media.

However, on March 10, coinciding with the release of Kizz Daniel’s EP, a short clip emerged featuring the couple joyfully dancing together. In this video, Kizz Daniel openly acknowledged his wife as the mother of his children, a revelation that stirred considerable controversy across social media platforms. 

Many were sceptical of his marital status, as the news of his marriage had been tightly under wraps until that moment, leading to intense speculation and online debate.

Social Media

Net Worth

Mrs Anidugbe’s net worth is being reviewed and will be promptly updated here once the assessment is complete. 

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