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Gena O’kelley (born August 10, 1963) is an accomplished American businesswoman, former model, and seasoned professional actress. She is widely recognized for her role as the beloved spouse of the renowned actor and martial artist Chuck Norris.

Early Life

Gena O’kelley was born and raised in California, USA. While not exceptionally affluent, her family lived a modest and comfortable life. Her father, Alan Gordon O’Kelley, played dual roles as security personnel at Hewlett Packard and worked at the Kunde Estate Winery. Despite his demanding work, he dedicated himself to providing for his family. Tragically, in 2008, he passed away, casting a shadow of sorrow over the O’Kelley household.

Gena’s mother, Anette O’Kelley, was a dedicated teacher who served in the Rosa City Schools system before her passing. Her departure left Gena and her three siblings, Eric, Maureen, and Elizabeth, to navigate life’s journey without her guidance.

After completing her education at a local school, Gena embarked on a career in modeling, quickly finding her footing in this competitive industry. Modeling became not just a job but a passion and a means of sustaining herself.


Following her entry into the modeling world, Gena O’Kelley displayed a remarkable aptitude for the industry. Her journey through the ranks was marked by dedication and a relentless pursuit of excellence. It didn’t take long for her to ascend to the upper echelons of the modeling world, where she stood as a formidable presence. With each stride on the runway and every photo shoot, she honed her skills and refined her craft to a level where she was celebrated as a true icon.

Gena’s portfolio included a multitude of commercial appearances where her striking beauty and charismatic presence drew attention far and wide. She was not merely a model; she became the face and voice of several prestigious brand names, earning her the coveted role of spokesperson. Her reputation in the fashion world was further solidified by her inclusion among the ranks of the most stylish and alluring models of her time.

Gena’s modeling career retained its modesty even as she approached the age of 60. Her elegance and timeless appeal testify to her enduring charm and the lasting impact she left on the industry.

Beyond her successful modeling journey, Gena demonstrated her versatility as a consummate TV personality. She graced the screens in various television series, proving that her talents extended beyond the runway, earning her a dedicated following among viewers and fans alike.


  • Walker
  • Texas Ranger
  • Trial by Fire

TV Series

  • Yes, Dear
  • Praise
  • Hannity
  • The Factor
  • TV2 Nyhetene

Personal Life

Gena O’Kelley and Chuck Norris have shared a deeply committed marital bond for over 23 years. Their union has been blessed with the birth of twins, Danilee Kelly Norris and Dakota Allan Norris, who came into the world on August 30, 2001, further enriching their lives.

However, Gena’s life took a challenging turn in 2013 when she began to experience excruciating nerve pain and kidney complications. These health issues originated after she received an injection as part of an MRI scan to investigate the possibility of rheumatoid arthritis. Tragically, it is alleged that the dye used in the procedure had adverse effects on her body, leading her husband, Chuck Norris, to take legal action against the manufacturers responsible for the dye. 

Gena underwent three gadolinium injections within eight days, and within hours of the initial injection, she felt an intense burning sensation throughout her body. Despite seeking medical assistance, she was initially told that gadolinium poisoning was impossible.

In light of these health challenges, Chuck Norris retired from acting to devote his full attention to supporting Gena’s health and well-being. The couple, known for their philanthropic endeavors, continued to engage in humanitarian and charitable activities, including their involvement in the Veterans Administration National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans.

Since the onset of Gena’s health problems, the couple opted to retreat from the media spotlight, focusing on their life together at home as they navigated these difficult circumstances with resilience and determination.

Social Media

  • Facebook: Gena O’Kelly Norris

Net Worth

Benefiting from her husband’s substantial wealth, Gena is estimated to possess a net worth of approximately $50 million.

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