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Dana Blumberg (born 1974) is a highly respected and renowned American medical professional specializing in ophthalmology. Beyond her impressive medical career, she has become a prominent figure in both the healthcare industry and the public eye. Blumberg’s journey to fame was further accelerated by her relationship with Robert Kraft, a distinguished and influential businessman. Kraft not only stands as a prominent figure in the business world but also serves as the CEO and Chairman of the prestigious Kraft Group.

Early Life

The 50-year-old beautiful lady was born and raised in New York, where she grew up under her parent’s care. Notably, her family had a strong connection to the medical field. Her father, Nathan Blumberg, is an accomplished doctor specializing in urology, and he holds a prominent role as a member of Repro-Med Systems Inc. This familial backdrop undoubtedly influenced her journey and career choices.

Regrettably, the loss of her mother, Marlene Blumberg, in 2014 marked a poignant chapter in her life, profoundly impacting her and her family.

Dana’s educational and professional achievements are equally impressive. As per her profile on the New York State Department of Health website, she pursued her medical studies at the University of St. Louis in Missouri, earning her degree in May 2000. 

Furthermore, she completed her internship at St. Louis University Medical Centre, solidifying her commitment to the medical field and honing her skills as a healthcare professional.


Dana’s early fascination with her father’s profession instilled in her a deep passion for saving lives, leading her to pursue a medical career. This calling had taken root from a young age and was the driving force behind her unwavering dedication and diligent pursuit of her dreams.

After completing her internship at St. Louis University, Dana’s journey in the medical field continued to ascend. She secured a prestigious role as a resident doctor at the University Hospital Cleveland, where she further honed her medical skills and broadened her knowledge. Simultaneously, she took on the role of an assistant professor in Ophthalmology at CUMC, enriching her experiences in her field’s academic and clinical aspects.

Dana’s specialization extended to encompass critical areas of eye care, including Glaucoma, Cataract Surgery, and diabetes-related eye diseases, particularly Retinopathy. Her expertise in these fields highlighted her commitment to comprehensive eye health and her dedication to improving the lives of her patients.

Presently, Dana Blumberg is a highly accomplished Ophthalmologist at the esteemed Columbia University Irving Medical Centre. Her career path has been characterized by a steadfast pursuit of medical.

Personal Life

Dana is romantically involved with a prominent figure in the business world, Robert Kraft, who is currently 82-years of age. Renowned as an American billionaire businessman, Kraft holds the esteemed positions of Chairman and CEO of the Kraft Group, a conglomerate specializing in sports manufacturing and real estate ventures.

Prior to his relationship with DanaKraft was married to the celebrated philanthropist Myra Natalie Hiat, also known as Myra Kraft. During their marriage, the couple welcomed four children: Johnathan Kraft, David Kraft, Daniel Kraft, and Joshua Kraft. Their shared family history underscores the depth of Kraft’s personal life and his commitment to family values.

Dana and Robert have sustained their relationship over a significant period, although Dana has chosen to maintain a discreet approach regarding their romantic involvement. Despite the public’s curiosity, information about their marital status remains undisclosed, leaving their current relationship status a mystery.

Net Worth

Dana’s financial standing reflects her successful career in the medical field, with an estimated net worth of around US$7 million. Her earnings predominantly stem from her dedicated work in the medical profession, showcasing her expertise and commitment to healthcare.

In contrast, her partner, Robert Kraft, boasts a significantly higher net worth, estimated at US$8.3 billion. His wealth results from his successful ventures in the business world, particularly as the Chairman and CEO of the Kraft Group, a powerhouse in sports manufacturing and real estate.

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