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Shawnee Rebecca Smith (born July 3, 1969) is a multifaceted American talent known for her prowess as both an actress and a singer known professionally as Shawnee Smith. Her journey to stardom was marked by standout performances in the renowned “Saw Franchise” and the television series “Becker.” 

Beyond her on-screen achievements, Shawnee’s versatile artistic abilities extend to her role as a former member of the rock band Fydolla Ho, showcasing her talent not only in front of movie cameras but also behind the microphone.

Facts & Wiki

  • Nickname: Shawnee
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 54years old
  • Date of Birth: July 3, 1969
  • Full Name: Shawnee Rebecca Smith
  • Profession: Actress, Singer
  • Nationality: American
  • Birthplace: Orangeburg, South Carolina, United States
  • Religion: Protestantism
  • Height: 5 feet 2 inches (1.60 m)
  • Weight: 52 kg (115 lbs)
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Early Life 

Shawnee Smith was born and raised in the Orangeburg Regional Hospital in Orangeburg, South Carolina. As the second child in her family, she emerged as the daughter of Patricia Ann Smoak, an oncology nurse, and James H. Smith, a former US Air Force pilot turned financial planner.

The trajectory of Shawnee’s life shifted dramatically when her family moved to Van Nuys, California when she was just a year old. However, the tranquillity of this new chapter was disrupted when, at the tender age of two, her parents underwent a divorce. Undeterred by the upheaval, Shawnee’s resilient spirit prevailed.

The turbulence continued to shape her formative years, marked by the significant event of her mother’s second marriage when she was eight years old. This juncture ushered in yet another phase in the unfolding narrative of Shawnee’s growth, a testament to her unwavering determination to navigate life’s challenges.


Shawnee’s educational journey kicked off at Ranchito Avenue Elementary School in Los Angeles, where she laid the foundation for her elementary education. She continued her academic path at Madison Jr. High School in Los Angeles, showing her commitment to learning. A significant moment arrived in 1987 when she graduated from North Hollywood High School. 


Shawnee Smith’s journey in the entertainment world began humbly but quickly escalated into a remarkable career that spanned acting and music. Her breakthrough came at the tender age of eight with a role in A Christmas Carol, captivating audiences until she was eleven. A pivotal moment occurred at fifteen when she graced the stage in a play by Richard Dreyfuss, showcasing her early talent.

In 1982, Shawnee took a bold step by signing on to star in John Huston’s Hollywood adaptation of Annie, a decision that made her a proud member of the Screen Actors Guild at the age of nine. However, her portrayal of Amanda Young in the Saw film series truly propelled her to stardom. Shawnee’s portrayal in Saw II marked a significant milestone, overcoming initial hesitations about horror films, and her involvement in subsequent instalments, including SAW IV, SAW V, and SAW VI, solidified her presence in the franchise.

One intriguing behind-the-scenes moment came during the filming of Saw II, where Shawnee revealed her pregnancy on the DVD commentary track, a secret even director Darren Lynn Bousman was unaware of until her daughter Verve inadvertently disclosed it. Smith’s versatility extended beyond horror, as she took on diverse roles, from a screwy character in “30 Days of Night: From Dust to Dust” to a drunken wife in The Grudge 3 and a memorable turn as Jennifer Goodson, the naughty ex-wife of Charlie Sheen, in Anger Management.

Shwanee’s artistic prowess wasn’t confined to acting; she explored her musical talents, mastering the guitar, piano, and drums. Her singing abilities shone in Hydrovibe’s “Killer Inside,” featured on the Saw III soundtrack, and she played Sandra in the song “I Fear” in Carnival of Souls. Expanding her musical horizons, Shawnee collaborated on a cover version of Steve Miller’s outfit, Abracadabra, released in 2019.

Personal Life 

Shawnee Smith has navigated the world of marriage with a grounded approach, experiencing three unions along her journey. Her first marriage was with Jason Reposar in 1998, and from this union, they welcomed a daughter into the world. However, their connection was temporary, leading to a divorce in 2003. A brief relationship with musician Kai Mattoon from 2005 to 2006 resulted in the birth of a son. The identity of the father of her third child, born in 201, remains undisclosed.

Shawnee’s children play a significant role in the musical tapestry of her life. Following her separation from Reposar, she penned the dynamic song “Sugar,” which resonates with feelings about that period. This musical journey is woven on the album “It’s OK to be Happy,” where Shawnee’s progeny and musicians like Pyle, bassist Mike Farrell, and drummer Dave Palombi from Claw Toes collaborate. The album also features Marc Ribot, offering a unique blend that sets it apart from Pyle’s breakup ballad, “I Wish You Were Dead.”

Social Media 

  • Instagram: @shaneethesmiths
  • Twitter: @shaneesmith
  • Facebook: @Shanee Smith

Net Worth 

Shawnee Smith has an estimated net worth of US$3 million.

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