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Katrina Cunningham (born on Nov 12, 1989; Age: 34 years) is an American model, actress, musician and dancer known professionally as Kat Cunning. Katrina is recognized as queer and non-binary, preferring they/them pronouns. They are famous personality in the American industry who have featured in several films.

Early Life & Education

Cunning was born and raised in Gresham, Oregon, and began dancing at three. They are from a Greek background. They grew up under the care of their parent, raised alongside two brothers.

Cunning graduated from Centennial High School in 2007 and immediately began their dancing career with remarkable effort. In pursuit of perfection, they received a BFA in dance at SUNY Purchase, perfecting their technique and gaining an in-depth understanding of the field. 


Cunning embarked on their artistic journey by gracing the stages of Baroque-Burlesque Operas alongside Company XIV, marking the initial chapters of their career. 2016 proved to be a milestone as they stepped onto the prestigious Broadway platform, serving as the opening act for LP’s North American Tour. This exposure catapulted Cunning into a realm of wider recognition.

At the core of Cunning’s musical repertoire are tracks such as “Baby,” “Wild Poppies,” and “Stay on the Line,” each carrying a bold and unapologetic celebration of gay sexuality. Their music serves as a vibrant expression of identity, pushing boundaries and challenging societal norms.

The diversification of Cunning’s portfolio extends beyond the realm of music. Their presence has graced notable television productions, including HBO’s “The Deuce,” Netflix’s “Trinkets,” and Hulu’s “Looking for Alaska.” This foray into the visual realm underscores their versatility and ability to navigate different artistic mediums seamlessly.

The debut song, “For the Love,” holds a special place in Cunning’s discography. Billboard magazine recognizes it as a poignant ode to optimism, resonating with audiences during challenging and tragic moments. This early acclaim set the tone for Cunning’s trajectory in the music industry.

In August 2020, Cunning inked a deal with Lava Records, ushering in a new phase in their evolution. The decision to join forces with Lava Records attests to the recognition of Cunning’s talent and the anticipation of their potential impact on the industry.

Personal Life

Cunning is Based in Los Angeles; Cunning identifies as queer and non-binary (individuals that identify as a blend of both genders, as neither gender or as a different gender altogether. It’s an umbrella term encompassing a diverse range of gender identities beyond the binary concept of male and female), preferring the use of they/them pronouns. 

Social Media

  • Instagram: @katcunning
  • Twitter: @katcunning

Net Worth

As a successful actress in the entertainment industry, Cunning is estimated to be worth about US$ 1 million.

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