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Candice Patton (born on June 24, 1988) is a celebrated and award-winning American actress known for her prominent portrayal of Iris West Allen in the TV series Flash. Her compelling performance in the role has garnered her widespread recognition and popularity among audiences and critics alike.

Early Life

Candice Patton was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, United States, where she spent her formative years and is presently 35 years of age. She grew up in Plano, Texas, alongside her younger brother, Adrian Patton. However, her parents, Ariana Jackson, and Paul Patton, went through a separation when she was just five years old. Her mother, Ariana Jackson, had a successful career as an accomplished opera artist, while her father, Paul Patton, pursued a profession as an engineer.

She pursued her passion for the arts, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts (BFA) in Theatre. Her educational journey began at St. Paul’s School in Plano, Texas, where she received a foundational education. Later, she continued her studies at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, U.S.A., where she honed her theatrical skills and further cultivated her passion for the performing arts.

Throughout her upbringing and education, she demonstrated a keen dedication to her craft, blending the influences of her mother’s artistic achievements and her father’s engineering background. This unique combination of experiences undoubtedly shaped her character and outlook on life.


In May 2004, after completing her first year at university, Patton took a significant step towards her acting career by participating in CBS’ Soap Star Screen Test. The nationwide audition contest offered university students a chance to win a role on the renowned soap opera, The Young and the Restless. To her delight, Patton emerged victorious in the competition, sharing the win with fellow actor Ethan Rains.

As her acting journey continued to unfold, Patton’s talent and dedication led her to several notable projects. In 2008, she secured a starring role in The WB’s web series, Sorority Forever, showcasing her versatility in the digital realm of entertainment. Additionally, she displayed her acting prowess in the independent film Commander and Chief, further solidifying her presence in the industry.

Her career trajectory continued to ascend as she earned roles in prominent television series, including a part in the esteemed soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. However, one of her most significant breakthroughs came in 2014 when she landed the role of Iris West in the popular DC Comics-based TV series, The Flash, airing on The CW network. The character of Iris West became her most recognizable and acclaimed portrayal, opening doors to appearances on other shows within the Arrowverse, such as Arrow, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow, especially during the Crisis on Earth-X crossover event.

In a memorable third-season episode titled “Duet,” Patton showcased her versatility again by playing Millie Foss, the daughter of gangsters, in a dreamworld scenario.

Her exceptional performance as Iris West garnered widespread recognition and praise, earning her a prestigious Saturn Award as the Best Supporting Actress on Television in 2017. The award served as a testament to her talent and the impact she made in her role on The Flash.

Personal Life

In late 2020, there were reports suggesting that actress Candice Patton and former NBA player J.R. Smith might have been involved in an extramarital affair. These speculations further hinted that the two might have been living together. Despite the circulating rumors, Candice Patton chose not to publicly address or confirm the allegations, maintaining her privacy regarding her personal life.

Apart from the rumors involving J.R. Smith, Patton also faced speculation about a possible romantic relationship with actor Rick Cosnett. The two actors played on-screen lovers during the first season of the famous Television series, The Flash. The portrayal of their characters as a couple on the show fueled rumors of a real-life romance. However, Patton and Cosnett openly denied these rumors, clarifying that they were close friends and co-stars with strong professional relationships.

As for her physical attributes, Candice Patton stands at 5 feet 4 inches tall (163 centimeters) and weighs approximately 125 pounds (57 kilograms). Her body measurements, described as an hourglass figure, are recorded as 35-24-34, highlighting her well-proportioned physique.


  • The Craigslist Killer 
  • The Guest
  • The Flash
  • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 
  • Supergirl 
  • Arrow

Social Media

  • Instagram: @candicepatton
  • Twitter: @candicepatton

 Net Worth

Candice Patton’s net worth is estimated to be around US$3 million – US$5 million.

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