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Bikiya Graham-Douglas (born March 4, 1983) is a highly skilled Nigerian-born actress and performing artist, distinguished for her British training. Beyond her artistic prowess, she is recognized as the daughter of prominent Nigerian politicians Alabo Graham-Douglas and Bolere Elizabeth Ketebu.

She has also garnered widespread acclaim for her role as ASP Miriam in the film War: Wrath and Revenge.

Facts & Wiki

  • Full name: Bikiya Graham-Douglas 
  •  Gender: Female
  •  Date Of Birth: born March 4, 1983
  •  Age: 41 years
  •  Place Of Birth: Nigeria
  •  Nationality: Nigerian
  •  Religion: Christian
  •  Sexuality: Straight
  •  Relationship status: single
  •  Profession: Actress
  •  Net Worth: US$500,000
  •  Instagram: @bikiyagd

Early Life

Bikiya Graham-Douglas, currently 37 years old, was born in Nigeria but spent her formative years in London. Her father, Alabo Graham-Douglas, is a notable Nigerian politician, while her mother is Bolere Elizabeth Ketebu.

During her upbringing, Bikiya pursued her passion for the arts, attending and taking courses at prestigious institutions such as the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, Oxford School of Drama, Bridge Theatre Training Company, and Point Blank Music School. Additionally, she holds B.A. degrees in business economics and business law from the University of Portsmouth. She is also the founder of the Beeta Universal Arts Foundation (BUAF).

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