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Bianca Alexa Santos (born July 26, 1990) is a highly talented American actress who has garnered significant recognition in the film industry for her outstanding performances in various productions. Some of her most notable works include the films “The Foster,” “Happyland,” and “Stronghold1.” Her remarkable acting skills and dedication to her craft have contributed to her rising prominence and success in the entertainment world

Early Life

Bianca Alexa Santos presently 33 years of age was born and raised in the beautiful coastal city of Santa Monica, California. Her diverse cultural background is a fascinating mix, as she hails from a Brazilian father, Carlos Santos, who was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, and a Cuban mother, Carmen Carnot, with roots in Havana.

Growing up in such a culturally enriched household, Bianca was exposed to Spanish and Portuguese from an early age. Through the nurturing care of her parents, she became proficient in both languages and can now speak them fluently, which has undoubtedly added to her versatility as an actress.

During her formative years in California, Bianca attended school, immersing herself in various academic pursuits and creative endeavors. After completing her primary education, she took her passion for understanding human behavior and emotions to the next level. She pursued higher education at California Lutheran University, where she decided to major in psychology. 

Furthermore, recognizing the importance of societal dynamics and interactions, she also chose to minor in sociology, broadening her knowledge and perspectives.


Bianca Alexa Santos’ journey into acting started during high school, where she wholeheartedly participated in her drama classes. The stage became her canvas, and she thrived in expressing herself through theatrical performances.

Fueling her passion for acting, Bianca began attending auditions and soon graced the local theatre scene. In 2013, her big break arrived when she received the thrilling news of being cast in the Freeform drama series, “The Fosters.” In the show, she portrayed the character of Lexi Rivera, leaving a lasting impression on both critics and viewers with her compelling performance.

Her talent caught the attention of filmmakers, and in 2014, she made her big-screen debut in the horror film “Ouija,” where she took on the role of Isabelle. This successful leap into the film industry marked the beginning of a rising star.

As her career took flight, Bianca’s popularity soared, and she continued to shine in various roles on both the big and small screens. Notably, she played the lead role in the television series “Happyland,” further establishing herself as a captivating actress. Additionally, she graced the MTV comedy series with her presence, portraying the character of Lucy Velez.

Beyond the world of television, Bianca’s acting prowess extended to feature films, where she showcased her versatility. She was a part of the cast for notable films like “The DUFF” and “Priceless,” proving her ability to adapt to diverse roles with finesse.

One of the most recent highlights of her career was the 2023 film “Stronghold,” in which she was cast. The movie hit the screens on August 1, 2023, further solidifying her status as a prominent actress in the industry.


  • Ouija
  • The Duff
  • Priceless
  • Little Dead Rotting Hood
  • 48 hours to live
  • Avenge the Crows
  • The Best People 
  • Invitation to Murder
  • Stronghold

Personal Life

As of now, Bianca’s relationship status remains possibly single, as she has been discreet about her romantic life, choosing to keep it private.

In the past, rumors were circulating about a possible relationship between Bianca and actor Jake T. Austin in 2013. These rumors emerged after she openly mentioned kissing him on screen during their work together. However, since then, both actors have maintained privacy about their personal lives, leaving fans to speculate without official confirmation.

Bianca’s commitment to keeping her romantic life out of the public eye allows her to focus on her career and personal growth without unnecessary scrutiny.

Social Media

Net Worth

The famous actress Bianca Alexa Santa has an estimated net worth of about IS$1 million.

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