June 20, 2024

Trent Sweeney (born 2002) is a skilled American actor celebrated for his contributions to films such as “A Thousand Years of Good Prayers,” “Drifting,” and “The Opium Eater.” Beyond his individual accomplishments, Trent has garnered recognition as the younger sibling of the acclaimed American actress, Sydney Sweeney.

Early Life

Trent Sweeney was born and raised in Spokane, Washington, United States where he spent his formative years under the guidance of his parents. His father, Scott Sweeney, is engaged in the medical field, while his mother, Lisa Mudd Sweeney, has earned respect as a lawyer.

Growing up, Trent shared his upbringing with his older sister, Sydney Sweeney, a prominent American actress. Despite the public knowledge about his family background, there is currently no available information about Trent’s educational journey.


Trent embarked on his journey in the entertainment realm by venturing into acting, following in the footsteps of his sister, the established actress Sydney Sweeney. His exceptional performances swiftly captured the spotlight, earning him rapid recognition in the film industry.

Having showcased his talent in various films, such as “A Thousand Years of Good Prayers,” “Drifting,” and “The Opium Eater,” Trent has proven his versatility and skill on the big screen. His impressive work has positioned him as a highly sought-after actor in the dynamic landscape of Hollywood.

Personal Life

Trent Sweeney is presently keeping a low profile, refraining from disclosing personal details to the media. At the moment, there is an assumption that he remains single and is not engaged in any romantic relationship. Instead, he seems to be prioritizing his education and career.

Social Media

Net Worth

Trent Sweeney currently has an estimated net worth of bout US$1 million – US$5 million.

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