May 22, 2024

Leo Abelo Perry (born December 27, 2012) is a gifted young American singer and actor hailing from California. He has garnered significant recognition for his portrayal of Brian Toretto in the blockbuster film “Fast X,” where he played the role of the son of Dominic Toretto.

Leo’s talent and versatility have extended beyond his notable role in “Fast X.” He has also gained prominence through his involvement in other films, notably his participation in the 2022 adaptation of “Cheaper by the Dozen.”

Early Life

Leo was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. His upbringing was shaped by the loving care and guidance of his parents. Specifically, his mother, Claire Perry, who holds the esteemed position of Director of Communications at the Center for Healing and Justice through Sports, as well as being a basketball coach.

Leo exhibited a deep passion for the acting industry from a young age. Recognizing his enthusiasm, his mother became a reliable source of support and encouragement, urging him to pursue his dreams in the world of acting. She stood by his side throughout his journey and instilled in him the value of education and its significance in his life.

Leo’s mother’s unwavering belief in his potential and her emphasis on the importance of education provided him with a strong foundation as he embarked on his acting career. 

With her guidance, he learned to balance his passion for the arts with a commitment to personal growth and learning. Together, they navigated the path toward achieving their dreams while recognizing education’s vital role in shaping a well-rounded individual.


Leo Abelo Perry’s exceptional acting abilities propelled him to widespread recognition, particularly for his portrayal of Young Brian in the blockbuster film “Fast X.” Acting alongside the esteemed Vin DieselLeo’s performance as the son of Dominic Toretto catapulted him into the limelight.

Prior to his breakout role in “Fast X,” Leo showcased his talent in various other productions. He portrayed the character of Young Justin in the movie “The Big Leap” and subsequently took on the role of 9-year-old Devante in the popular series “Black-ish.” Additionally, he secured the role of Luca in the Disney comedy film “Cheaper by The Dozen.”

Leo’s career reached a turning point when he landed the role of Chip in the film “Beauty and the Beast.” His portrayal in this film further solidified his reputation and garnered him a significant and dedicated fan base.

With his magnificent performances, Leo Abelo Perry has established himself as a promising young actor, eagerly anticipated for his future roles in the entertainment industry.

Personal Life

There is limited information available regarding Leo’s family life. However, it is known that the young actor, who is currently 11 years old, is single and not involved in any romantic relationships. At this stage in his life, Leo is believed to be primarily focused on his education and developing his career.

Social Media

Net Worth

Leo has an estimated net worth of about US$150,000.

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