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Kane Brett Robinson (born May 21, 1985) is a versatile British talent celebrated for his significant contributions to both the music and acting industries. Professionally known as Kano, he has garnered a reputation as a prominent figure in the grime culture, often recognized as one of its pioneers.

His acclaim extends to the small screen, where he achieved widespread recognition for portraying Sully in the highly-praised series Top Boy.

Early Life

Kano, who is currently 38 years of agewas born and raised in East London and was steeped in a rich cultural heritage, with Jamaican roots and a family deeply connected to music.

Growing up, Kano was nurtured in a supportive environment under the loving care of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robinson, who provided him with a strong foundation for his future endeavors. Kano’s journey also includes a complete education in London, which further enriched his life experiences and contributed to his development as a multifaceted talent.


Kano emerged as a prominent and influential figure in the vibrant underground music scene of East London. His early contributions played a pivotal role in pioneering the grime genre, characterized by its gritty, urban sound and raw lyrical authenticity. Kano’s innate talent for crafting profound and dynamic lyrics and his unique flow quickly garnered him recognition within the music community.

In 2005, Kano achieved a significant milestone with the release of his groundbreaking debut album, “Home Sweet Home.” This iconic album featured standout tracks like “P’s and Q’s” and “Typical Me,” resonating with listeners and establishing Kano as a true grime icon. The album’s success showcased his ability to capture the essence of London’s streets and youth culture with his music.

Kano’s musical evolution transcended the boundaries of grime. He effortlessly integrated elements of hip-hop and various other genres into his work, showcasing his artistic versatility and maturity. Albums like “London Town” and “Made in the Manor” further exemplified his ability to navigate diverse musical landscapes, solidifying his status as a genre-blurring artist.

Parallel to his flourishing music career, Kano ventured into the world of acting, showcasing his multifaceted talent on both the small and big screens. His notable roles include appearances in “Top Boy,” a critically acclaimed British crime drama series, where his acting prowess garnered widespread acclaim and accolades.

Awards & Nominations 

  • MOBO Awards:
    • Best Newcomer (2005)
    • Best Male Act (2005)
  • NME Awards:
    • Outstanding Contribution to Music (2020)
  • BET Awards:
    • Best International Act: UK (2020)
  • Grime Music Awards:
    • Best Album (2005) for “Home Sweet Home”


  • Ps and Qs
  • Typical Me
  • Nite Nite (featuring Leo the Lion)
  • This Is the Girl (with Craig David)
  • Rock N Rolla
  • 3 Wheel-Ups (featuring Giggs)
  • T-Shirt Weather in the Manor
  • GarageSkankFREESTYLE
  • Trouble
  • Teardrops


  • Top Boy
  • Tower Block
  • The Intent
  • Anuvahood
  • The Man Inside
  • Inside Men
  • 15 Minutes That Shook the World
  • The Sweeney
  • Bulletproof (TV Series)

Personal Life

Kano’s personal life has had its share of romantic relationships in the past. In 2002, he entered a significant chapter of his life when he tied the knot with Miho Nakayama, marking a period of commitment and companionship. However, as with many public figures, personal circumstances can evolve, and relationships may take different paths.

As of the latest available information, Kano is believed to be single. He has not publicly introduced or confirmed any romantic partner, leading to speculation about his current relationship status.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @therealkano

Net Worth

Kano currently has an estimated net worth of about US$5 million.

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