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Jesdaporn Pholdee (born June 5, 1977) is best recognized by his nickname Tik. He was born and brought up in Thailand. He is a rare breed of talent and creativity that has carved out a name for himself in the entertainment industry. He is a versatile performer who effortlessly transitions between different roles and has made a lasting impact as an actor, model, and presenter.

As an actor, Jesdaporn has appeared in several popular Thai films and television dramas, showcasing his acting skills and captivating audiences with his performances. He has received recognition and awards for his work in the industry, solidifying his place as a prominent figure in Thai entertainment.

Early Life & Education

Jesdaporn Pholdee, also known as Tik, is a prominent figure in the Thai entertainment industry. Born and raised in Thailand, he is the oldest of two younger brothers, with his younger brother, Pichetchai, also pursuing a career as an actor.

Jesdaporn‘s educational background is diverse and well-rounded. He completed his high school education at Yothinburana, where he excelled academically and demonstrated a passion for the arts. He continued his academic journey by pursuing a bachelor’s degree from the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, where he studied Industrial Engineering. This move was a testament to his desire for knowledge and growth as he sought to expand his expertise in a technical field.

His commitment to education and lifelong learning is evident from his achievements. 

In December 2014, he received an Honorary Doctor of Science degree in Environmental Science and Natural Resources as an award from the Faculty of Science and Technology at the Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon. This recognition highlights his dedication to promoting sustainable practices and protecting the environment, a cause that is close to his heart.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Jesdaporn has made a name for himself and has become prominent in the entertainment industry as an actor, model, and presenter. With his multi-talented abilities and charming personality, he has captured his audiences’ hearts and become a well-known and respected figure in Thai entertainment.

Jesdaporn Pholdee‘s diverse background, dedication to education, and impressive career in the entertainment industry make him a unique and inspiring individual who continues to make a positive impact in his community.


Jesdaporn Pholdee started his journey in the entertainment industry as a university student. He was a presenter for various TV commercials and advertisements and caught a director’s attention while working in a studio. This director offered him the lead role in the blockbuster film “Dang Bireley’s and Young Gangsters,” which revitalized the Thai film industry and kickstarted Tik’s successful acting, modeling, and presenting career.

Not only is Tik a talented actor, but he’s also been hosting and producing the ecotourism program “Navigator” on Channel 3 since 2005. Through this show, he spreads conservation awareness and highlights the environment’s beauty. He’s a passionate advocate for ecotourism and has been invited to speak at various academic institutions and organizations.

In 2014, Tik was awarded an honorary Doctor of Science degree in environmental science and natural resources from Rajamangala University of Technology, recognizing his hard work and contributions to the field. He’s truly a remarkable individual who uses his platform to impact the world positively.


  • The Eye 2.
  • The Iron Ladies.
  • I Miss U.
  • Dang Bireley’s and Young Gangsters.
  • Super Salaryman.
  • The Iron Ladies 2.
  • Legend of the Tsunami Warrior.
  • The Magnificent Five.

Personal Life

Jesdaporn Pholdee hails from a family of three brothers, with Piyachot and Pichetchai being his siblings. 

He tied the knot with Sitamon Tangsuwan in 2009, marking the beginning of a new chapter in his life. The couple was blessed with a son, Jesbodin, in 2014, who brought immense joy and happiness to their lives.

Tik is not just an accomplished individual in his professional life but also a loving husband and a devoted father. He values his family and takes pride in being a responsible and caring family man. His love and affection for his wife and son are evident in everything he does, and he never misses an opportunity to spend quality time with them.

Social Media

Net Worth

Jesdaporn Pholdee, popularly known as Tik, has amassed a significant net worth that falls within the range of $1 million – $5 million, primarily generated from his thriving career as an actor.

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