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Drew Starkey(Born November 4, 1993)is a highly regarded American actor recognized for his remarkable versatility and compelling performances throughout his acting journey. He garnered significant praise for his role as Rafe Cameron in the Original Netflix teen drama Outer Banks, starring alongside Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline.

Early Life

Drew Starkey was born and raised in Asheville, North Carolina, United States. His early life was influenced by his Caucasian ethnicity, and he proudly held the American nationality. 

Drew’s journey began with his parents, Todd Starkey and Jodi Ballard Hutto. Unfortunately, the bond between Todd and Jodi wasn’t destined to last, leading to their divorce while Drew was still in his formative years.

Amidst the changes, Jodi found love again and entered a new chapter of her life by marrying Brian Hutto. In contrast, Todd, Drew’s father, chose a different path and remained unmarried. Notably, Todd’s professional pursuits led him to the position of a basketball coach at Kent State University in Ohio, demonstrating his commitment to the world of sports and education.

In the constellation of family, Drew Starkey found himself surrounded by siblings who undoubtedly shaped his early life experiences. Among them, he shared a brotherly connection with Logan Starkey, and the bond extended to his two sisters, Brooke Stakey and Mackayla Starkey. The dynamics of a multi-sibling household surely contributed to Drew’s growth and perspective.


Drew’s educational journey commenced at St. Stephens High School, a reputable institution in Hickory, North Carolina. As he navigated the academic and personal challenges of adolescence, he developed the foundational skills that would later serve him well in his career. The pursuit of higher education led Drew to Western Carolina University, where he continued to refine his knowledge and broaden his horizons.


Drew Starkey’s journey from aspiring actor to acclaimed performer is a tale of dedication and rising opportunities. Before stepping into the limelight, Drew participated in various short films, slowly building a foundation for his future success. One notable early role was in the short film “The Radical Notion of Gene Mutation,” where he portrayed the character Patrick Clemens. This marked his initial foray into acting and showcased his early potential.

Continuing to explore the in short films, Drew’s determination to refine his skills saw him participating in four more projects throughout 2015 and 2016. 

In 2017, Drew’s career took a significant turn with his debut appearance in the television series “Mercy Street.” He portrayed the role of a G*mbling Soldier, marking his transition from short films to television. This pivotal opportunity opened doors to further roles and exposure within the industry.

The same year proved transformative for Drew as he expanded his television portfolio. He appeared in series such as “Dead Silent” and “Ozark,” showcasing his versatility as an actor across different genres and narratives. These early television roles demonstrated his adaptability and willingness to embrace diverse characters and stories.

However, it was his involvement in the Netflix series “Outer Banks” that truly propelled Drew Starkey into the spotlight. The series garnered immense attention and popularity, giving Drew a breakthrough role defining a pivotal point in his career. In “Outer Banks,” Drew inhabited the character of Rafe, which showcased his acting prowess and garnered widespread recognition from audiences and critics alike.

Drew’s journey from a string of short films to impactful television roles underscores his commitment to his craft and his journey of continuous growth. His dedication to refining his skills and embracing a range of characters has been instrumental in his ascent to fame. Drew Starkey’s career trajectory serves as an inspiration to aspiring actors, illustrating the importance of persistence, adaptability, and seizing the right opportunities along the way.


TV Series:

  • Limbo as Rodney
  • Outer Banks as Rafe 
  • Acting for a Cause as Demetrius 
  • Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings
  • Scream: The TV Series as Hawkins
  • Queen Sugar as Beau
  • The Residents as a Young Lawyer
  • Bobcat Goldthwait’s Misfits & Monsters as Hunter Robinson
  • Good Behavior as Agent Bradfield
  • Valor as Bobby
  • Dead Silent as Ethan Walton
  • Ozark
  • Shots Fired as Clint Jr.
  • Mercy Street


  • Embattled as Tanner Van Holt
  • The Devil All the Time as Tommy Matson
  • Extended Stay as Ricky
  • The Family Portrait as Kevin Brody
  • Just Mercy as a Young Guard
  • Mine 9 as Ryan
  • The Hate U Give as Cop 115
  • Love, Simon as Garrett
  • Love Is the Longest Con as Adrian
  • Up the Hill as The Client
  • Bounds as Todd
  • Lost Soles as Scott
  • The Radical Notion of Gene Mutation

Personal Life

Drew Starkey, the charismatic actor known for his role in “Outer Banks,” navigates personal relationships with a sense of privacy and speculation. As of the latest information, Drew is single, and his romantic status remains unattached. However, the celebrity world often swirls with rumors and whispers, and Drew has yet to escape this phenomenon. There have been rumors linking him romantically with actress Claire Van der Linden, adding an air of intrigue to his personal life.

Beyond the sphere of relationships, Drew’s physical presence also makes an impression. Standing tall at an impressive 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm), his stature adds to his on-screen charisma and commanding presence. This physical attribute complements his acting skills, allowing him to embody characters with a distinct and memorable presence.

While details about Drew’s personal life remain selectively shared, it’s his professional accomplishments and the roles he’s portrayed that have garnered substantial attention. 

Social Media

  • Instagram: @drewstarkey
  • Twitter: @drewsephstarkey

Net Worth

Drew Starkey is a successful actor with an estimated net worth of US$1 million.

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