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Adekanla Desalu (born November 7, 1980) is a highly skilled Nigerian actor renowned for his contributions to the Nollywood film industry. He is known professionally as Deza The Great.

His versatile talents extend beyond acting, encompassing various roles such as Business Advisor, Banker, TV Host, Model, Brand Influencer, and Motivational Speaker.

Deza garners attention for his acting prowess and striking good looks, earning him recognition as one of Nollywood’s most attractive and charming actors. Consequently, he frequently portrays romantic roles in his performances.

Facts & Wiki

  • Full Name: Adekanla Desalu
  • Other Name: Deza The Great
  • Date Of Birth: November 7, 1980
  • Age: 43 years old
  • Place of Birth: Lagos state
  • Nationality: Nigerian

Early Life

Deza was born and raised in Lagos state, where he was nurtured by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Desalu. Coming from a distinguished lineage, Deza grew up in a household of seven, with himself and four brothers forming a close-knit family unit.

The Desalu household was marked by the firm hand of parental discipline, a trait that initially seemed harsh to the young Deza and his siblings. However, as they matured, they understood and appreciated the profound impact of their parents’ strict upbringing on shaping their character and instilling values of responsibility and resilience.

Deza completed his secondary education in 1997, laying the foundation for his academic journey. The following year, he embarked on his tertiary education at the prestigious University of Lagos, immersing himself in the study of Agricultural Science. His dedication and hard work culminated in his graduation in 2002 with a Bachelor’s degree, marking the beginning of his professional journey.

Driven by a thirst for knowledge and a commitment to personal growth, Deza pursued further education at Nexford University. He delved into Artificial Intelligence there, recognizing its potential to revolutionize various industries. His diligence and academic prowess were evident as he graduated with distinction, earning an MBA in Artificial Intelligence.


Deza The Great’s professional journey began in 2005 when he entered the telecommunications sector as a Globalcom (GLO) customer care consultant. His dedication and competence swiftly propelled him into the role of business developer by 2007, marking a significant advancement in his career within the organization.

In 2008, Deza transitioned to Sterling Bank, formerly known as The Equatorial Trust Bank, where he assumed the pivotal position of Regional Client Engagement Officer. In this capacity, he spearheaded initiatives to enhance service delivery and operational excellence across all branches in Lagos, demonstrating his adeptness in strategic management and customer relations.

Despite his flourishing career in the banking sector, Deza harbored a deep-seated passion for acting nurtured since his formative years. This passion was reignited when he crossed paths with actress Monalisa Chinda after resigning from Glo. Their encounter led to an introduction to Emem Isong, a renowned figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Deza’s debut in the series Catwalk, where he portrayed Barry, marked the inception of his acting career. However, the demands of his banking profession temporarily eclipsed his aspirations in the entertainment realm, compelling him to prioritize his corporate trajectory.

Undeterred by the hiatus, Deza balanced his banking responsibilities and enthusiasm for acting, allocating his nights and weekends to fulfill his artistic pursuits. This dual commitment persisted for a decade until 2019 when a shift to remote work allowed him to rekindle his passion for acting.

Since his return to the spotlight, Deza has graced the screens in numerous Nollywood productions, sharing scenes with esteemed Nigerian actors and actresses. His resurgence in the entertainment industry is a testament to his unwavering determination and resilience in pursuing his dreams alongside a thriving corporate career.


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Personal Life

Deza The Great takes immense pride in his role as a devoted father, cherishing his bond with his two beloved daughters. Alongside his paternal duties, he shares a fulfilling partnership with his wife, Mrs. Desalu, whom he deeply values as his life companion.

While Deza occasionally shared glimpses of his family life on social media, he made a conscious decision to withdraw these posts, preferring to safeguard the privacy of his loved ones from the intrusive nature of the media sphere.

Despite encountering adversity, Deza has exhibited remarkable resilience. He has survived two harrowing motor accidents, which were near-fatal. These incidents testify to his strength and perseverance in the face of life’s challenges.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @dezathegreat

Net Worth

Deza The Great epitomizes industriousness, channeling his talents and determination into his acting and banking endeavors. As a result of his relentless pursuit of excellence, he has amassed an estimated net worth of approximately US$500,000, a testament to his success and financial acumen from his dual careers in the entertainment and banking industries.

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