June 20, 2024

Clinton Joshua (born 1998 ) is a rising star in the Nigerian entertainment scene and has garnered attention for his exceptional talents as both an actor and model. His breakthrough came with his captivating performance in the acclaimed film “When Angels Meet,” produced by the esteemed Uchenna Mbunabo. This role thrust him into the limelight, earning him recognition for his remarkable on-screen presence.

Further solidifying his place in the industry, Joshua delivered a standout portrayal of Jidenna in the highly-praised YouTube movie, “Treasure in the Sky.” His compelling performance in this production garnered widespread acclaim, showcasing his versatility and depth as an actor.

Fact & Wiki

  • Full Name: Clinton Joshua
  • Date of Birth: 1998
  • Age: 26
  • State of Origin: Lagos State
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Profession: Actor, Model
  • Net Worth: $35,000

Early Life

Clinton Joshua was born in the bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria, in 1998. Growing up in the heart of the metropolis, he was immersed in its rich cultural tapestry from a young age. Joshua embarked on his educational journey in a neighborhood primary school, where his curiosity and thirst for knowledge were ignited. His formative years were marked by a deep sense of familial support and community bonds as he navigated the bustling streets alongside his parents.

Despite the lack of detailed information available about his early life and education, it is evident that Joshua’s upbringing in Lagos shaped his character and perspective in profound ways. The city’s dynamic environment served as a fertile ground for his intellectual and personal growth, laying the foundation for his future endeavors. While the specifics of his educational experiences may remain undisclosed, Joshua’s trajectory is certainly influenced by his Nigerian roots’ vibrant energy and diverse influences.


Clinton Joshua embarked on his illustrious career in the Nigerian movie industry, where his talent and charisma swiftly captured audiences’ attention. His breakthrough came with his memorable role in the YouTube sensation “When Angels Meet,” a captivating production helmed by the visionary Uchenna Mbunabo. The film’s resounding success propelled Joshua into the spotlight, establishing him as a rising star in the industry.

Building upon this momentum, Joshua secured a prominent role in the acclaimed movie “Treasure in the Sky,” where he portrayed the character of Jidenna with captivating depth and authenticity. His stellar performance garnered widespread acclaim, further solidifying his status as a formidable talent in Nigerian cinema.

Throughout his burgeoning career, Joshua has had the privilege of collaborating with some of the industry’s most esteemed actors, including Emeka Eze, MomachiGodson, Precious Akaeze, Enock Darko, Miwa Olorunfemi, Chinenye Nnebe, Chisom Agoawuike, Obiajulu Ken Ohanenye, Izzy Besta, and others. These collaborations have enriched his artistic journey and contributed to the success of numerous projects, cementing his position as a versatile and sought-after actor in the Nigerian film landscape.

Personal Life

Clinton’s personal life remains shrouded in mystery, with little information available about his romantic relationships. While there is speculation that he may be involved in a relationship, Joshua has opted to keep details about his personal life private, focusing on his burgeoning career in the entertainment industry instead. 

Social Media

Net Worth

Clinton’s net Worth is estimated to be approximately US$35,000.

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