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Chadwick Aaron Boseman (born November 29, 1976) better known as Chadwick Boseman is an American actor and a playwright born and raised in Anderson, South Carolina, US. He is notably known for his famous role as T’Chala in the movie titled Black Panther.

Early Life

Chadwick was born and raised in Anderson, Carolina, the U.S to Christian and African American parents. His Dad, Leroy Boseman, works in the textile factory and also runs and manages an Upholstery Job. His Mum, Nee Mattress was a nurse.

Chadwick grew up with an ambition of becoming an Architect. He was a Basketball lover and plays greatly well while He was in high school.

He wrote his first play in high school after the death of his teammate. He wrote about the event and felt in himself that he was good. He titled his play ‘Cross Road’. 

Chadwick also participated in a Speech and debate association competition at his high school.

He was called up to play basketball rather he desired art instead. He was determined to act and gave himself to teaching and enrolled in additional courses.


Chadwick attended T.L Hannah High School and graduated in 1995.

He furthered his education at Howard University in Washington and graduated with a bachelor of fine art in 2000. He also studied at Digital film Academy in Manhattan 


Chadwick officially began his career in the early 2000s as a director, He wrote, directed, and acted in some of his production.

He served as a director and also an instructor at the Schomburg Junior Scholars Program from 2002 to 2002.

After winning the AUDELCO award for his rendition in various multiple productions, He rose to prominence and was eventually recognized. 

He began working with the New York national Shakespeare where he co-wrote and was cast in the hip-hop play Rhyme Deferred.

A movie titled Hieroglyphic Graffiti which he wrote and directed debuted at the National Black Theatre Festival in North Carolina in 2001.

In 2008, Chadwick started appearing in some film roles after he had moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career and made his big-screen debut, appearing in the football biopic The Express.

He rose to stardom in 2013 after he featured Jackie Robinson in the movie titled ‘42’ in which he portrayed the lead role.

In 2016, He featured as ‘Thot’ in “God’s of Egypt”. He starred as Thurgood Marshall in a Thurgood, released in 2017.

In 2018, He made his debut solo movie which he titled “Black Panther”. He rose to superstardom after the success of the movie. He played the role of T’Challa alongside some other notable actors and actresses. 

He again featured as Black Panther in the Avengers series titled “Infinity War” in 2018 and He also appeared in another Avengers series, End game in 2019.

Before the production of the new series of Black Panther which was tagged “Wakanda Forever” and was presumed to kick off in November 2020 but unfortunately. He passed on just a few months before the due date.


  • 42
  • Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom
  • Get on Up
  • Avenger
  • Black Panther 
  • God’s of Egypt 
  • The Express

Personal Life

Chadwick grew up in Anderson, South Carolina with his mum along with his two brothers, Derrick who happens to be the eldest of them all is a preacher in Soth Carolina, and their brother, Kevin is a dancer and He’s older than Chadwick.

He lives in his house in Los Angeles before he dismisses.

Chadwick got engaged to Taylor Simone Ledward and reportedly got married in secret in 2019 after they’ve been dating since 2015.

He grew up in a Christian home and learned about the Christian faith his pastor confirmed that he kept his faith.

He is a philanthropist who worked with cancer charities to support those who are battling the disease.

Death & Disease

Chadwick was a reserved man who never talks about his personal life in public.

He was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer in 2016 and it proceeded to stage IV before 2020. During this period, Chadwick never spoke out about it publicly.

During his treatment and surgeries involving chemotherapy, He still makes an effort to complete his production in movies like Marshall, Da 5 Bloods, Ma Rainey, and others.

Chadwick died at the age of 43 after battling the deadly disease. He died in his home in Los Angeles on August 28, 2020, with his family by his side.

Social Media

Instagram @Chadwickboseman

Twitter @Chawick Boseman

Net Worth 

Ever since He became prominent in the movie industry, he has been working diligently and has been successful in owning to himself an estimated net worth of US$12 million – US$15 million.

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