May 27, 2024

Andro Japaridze (born March 26, 2002) is a young talented American actor born and raised in the United state. He gained widespread recognition after his appearance in the popular Original Netflix series Extraction II, where he played the role of Sandro.

Early Life

Andro Japaridze was born in the United States on March 26, 2002. Raised by his loving parents, Mr&Mrs Japaridze. He was introduced to the world of performing arts from an early age. His parents recognized his passion for acting and supported his artistic endeavours.

During his early acting stage, Andro Japaridze showcased immense talent and dedication. He participated in school plays, local theatre productions, and community events, captivating audiences with his natural ability to bring characters to life. This early exposure to the stage laid a strong foundation for his future acting career.


Andro Japaridze’s career took a significant leap forward when he landed a prominent role in the hit movie “Extraction II.” Released in 2023, the film showcased Andro’s talent and versatility as an actor. His portrayal of Sandro captivated audiences worldwide and earned him recognition in the industry. This breakthrough role catapulted Andro into the spotlight, gaining him a substantial fan base and opening doors to exciting opportunities.

In addition to his success in “Extraction II,” Andro Japaridze has also made notable appearances in various other movies and television shows. His exceptional performances in these projects have solidified his position as a rising star in the entertainment industry. 

Andro has had the opportunity of acting alongside several other prominent actors, including Chris Hemsworth, Bryon Lerum, Ryder Lerum, Tinatin Dalakishvili, Rudhraksh Jaiswal, Shivam Vichare, Piyush Khati, Sara Rumao, Randeep Hooda and others.

Personal Life

Despite his growing success, Andro Japaridze remains focused on his education and personal growth. He devotes a significant amount of time to his academic pursuits, ensuring that he maintains a well-rounded approach to his career.

While Andro’s professional life thrives, he has chosen to prioritize his education and has not been involved in any public relationships. He believes in nurturing his personal development alongside his professional aspirations and values the stability and balance that this approach brings to his life.

Social Media

Net Worth

Andro has an estimated net worth of about US$100,000 – US$300,000.

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